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For Advisors

Staffed by welcoming and well-trained peer advisors, in a collaborative and purposeful partnership between advisors, Group Benefit Underwriters and the clients supported by our association.

We provide a professional support network for Advisors, helping them understand and provide the products, services and programs their clients need in an ever changing and complex benefit arena.

To create efficiencies, our services include proprietary on-line software accessible to advisors, benefit sponsors, employers, employees and carriers. Compiled data is available on-demand in an easy to understand reporting format which strengthens an advisor’s practice and deepens the relationship with the clients they serve.

On-line tools include pre-sale proposals, interim claims experience, and post-sale renewals with data readily available for presentation and distribution. Our industry experts in benefit design, and cost control are always readily accessible.

For Advisors


Advisor Communications

Our hosted on-line Advisor Portal delivers immediate information in support of your client’s program, from volume reports to billing and accounting, all at your finger-tips when needed. Practice reports including income, overrides, payments and T4 statements all available on-demand.

Available Advisor Reports
Accounting & Practice ♦ Volumes Reports ♦ By Carrier Prospect & Client Management ♦ Volumes & more

Available Client Reports
Accounting ♦ Employee Roster ♦ Participation Cost Sharing ♦ By Carrier ♦ Claims Experience ♦ Volumes & more

For Employers


Administrator Communications

An Administrator’s workstation supports day to day functions, recording employee eligibility (add, suspend, terminate, disable, leave and more), maintenance and accounting. Access to real-time reporting creates material efficiencies between HR functions, management and employees.

Employee Communications

An employee portal empowering and engaging a workforce to become more informed and more connected to the benefits offered. B2E Total compensation report combines payroll features with benefit components to detail for employees the true value of their total compensation package.

Management Communications

Real-time reports deliver data upon which forward looking decisions can be made to ensure plan sustainability, cost control and employee satisfaction.

For Employers

Through benefits Management, the right balance between the interests of stakeholders, sponsors, and employees, given the resources available, can be realised.

Technology as a disrupting force within an industry is also the driving force of innovation, delivering not only products but better outcomes for consumers and drives cost savings. Faster and more efficient, our platform delivers data to quickly isolate risk, see opportunities and avoid compliance and HR disputes.

Management decisions to change carriers, add suppliers or replace products, is accomplished without workplace disruption and with simple data entry.

A range of models are supported within the platform which has a multi-carrier capacity where benefit products from a number of suppliers can be assimilated into one consolidated transparent billing statement offering sponsors choice, control and real cost containment.

In addition to our technology, sponsors are supported by unique and specific drug formulary designs, in-house drug, health and dental claims adjudication, along with accessible industry experts in benefit design, and cost control.

Supported Benefit Models
Administration Services Only (ASO) ♦ Traditional Pooled Plans ♦ Combination Pooled and ASO ♦ Health Spending Accounts ♦ Health Flex Accounts ♦ Customized & more

Additional Functionality
Employee Cost Sharing Current & Projected ♦ Phantom Rate Calculator ♦ Projections ♦ Cost Monitoring & Control Tools ♦ Employee Total Compensation Reports & more

For Employees

For Employees

Unmatched employee support, for both on-line and off line personal claims assistance guaranteeing better health outcomes, less confusion and high levels of employee satisfaction.

Employee Communication

Empowering employees by engagement and communications. Our on-line tools help educate employees and as consumers, make better health care decisions with the resources available to them.

On-Line Solutions
eClaims ♦ Payment History ♦ Electronic Notifications ♦ Co-ordination of Benefits ♦ Over Age Student Detail ♦ Instant Changes to Employee Data & more

On-Demand Reports
Beneficiaries ♦ Per Employee Coverage ♦ Dependent Listing ♦ T4 Taxable Claims ♦ Remaining Coverage ♦ Forms Lookup ♦ Drug Lookup & more

We guarantee affordable benefit coverage today and into the future with a commitment to serve and support to all our stakeholder partners. With proven benefit models, advanced technology, industry expertise, and dedicated client representative, our commitment to benefit management is unequalled in the benefit industry.

In today’s complex benefit and compensation landscape, advisors and organizations are challenged to consistently deliver top-quality products and high-quality services while constantly striving to reduce costs.

Our services create a centralized hub from which advisors and business entities alike can benefit from reduced costs, reduced risk, and increased exposure to opportunities not otherwise available to a single participant. Our consultation services provide participants with actionable analytics, HR support and much much more.

Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are prominent players in the insurance industry and particularly in the health care industry today. Group Benefit Underwriters Inc. (gbu) is a National TPA with deep expertise in the benefits and wellness industry.

We offer Advisors and employer groups the most sophisticated benefit administration platform available in Canada today along with our expert consultation services. With In-house claims adjudication, gbu delivers an end-to-end solution for sustainable benefit and compensation programs today and into tomorrow.

About Group Benefit Underwriters

While our philosophy and commitment to affordable and sustainable benefit plans is an integral part of “who we are” it is the driving force behind everything we do.

For over 23 years, gbu has nurtured a business philosophy and a practice that supports advisors, employer sponsors, and member employees. Our ground-breaking technology reinforces our commitment to all our benefit stakeholders and provides us with an un-paralleled delivery system for carriers, insurers and re-insurers. We are an industry leader in the administration of flexible, traditional and administration services only benefit programs for Canadian organizations who seek cost control for the sustainability of their benefit offerings now and into the future.

Easy to use Digital administration platform ♦ Claims Adjudication ♦ Benefit Cards ♦ Portals ♦ & more

On site IT ♦ Industry Experts ♦ Benefit Peers ♦ Dedicated Client Representatives ♦ Consultation ♦ HR Support ♦ Co-ordination with Government Programs & more

How We Distinguish Ourselves

As a Third Party Administrator (TPA), Group Benefit Underwriters Inc. (gbu) offers advisors and sponsors access to our national buying power to deliver the most competitive and flexible programs available today.

Our consulting services help stakeholders design a company driven plan to support a strategic vision, financial goals, and corporate values.

On a day to day basis, our team becomes an integral extension of your staff, providing service and advice when needed while helping employees navigate their way through a diverse health care system.

With an integrated approach to benefit modeling including preventative care, our programs reduce cost drivers that impact benefit costs, and lost productivity every day!

Benefit Statistics

Real-time information, analytical tools, and specialists provide clarity and empower advisors, employers and employees to better manage and control their benefit offerings. With a multi-carrier capacity, best-in-class benefit product lines, the most advanced benefit management system AND an unlimited commitment to service and support - what we do is work for you.

Companies Reported Significant Reductions in Benefit Costs


Companies Reported over 20% reduction in Administrative workload


Companies Reported improved plan performance with consulting Support


Companies reported a significant increase in employee use of self-help on-line services


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For over 23 years, gbu has nurtured a business philosophy and a practice that supports advisors, employer sponsors, and member employees. With an integrated approach to benefit modeling including preventative care, our programs reduce cost drivers that impact benefit costs, and lost productivity every day!

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